Waylaid Water Python in East Brisbane

While things have definitely slowed down for winter there’s still quite a few pythons getting around! These cold tolerant snakes can be active year round in higher latitudes, however this was a surprise! After getting a call from east Brisbane we sent the lovely Lisa Owen to go and check it out as she lives much closer. The caller was concerned for his pets and family due to the enormous, fat brown snake in the drain. Turns out it was this gorgeous guy! A very lost Water Python, Liasis fuscus. This water specialist feed primarily on water and floodplain rat populations across the monsoon belt, from northern WA through the NT and into QLD, avoiding the arid areas and colder climates. What he was doing here we can only guess! Could be an escaped pet or a vagrant hitching a ride (perhaps under a camper-trailer) after someones holiday up to the North. Either way this is definitely not his preferred climate so we were happy to find him! This guy was dropped off with the DEHP for re-homing to an educational centre. Gorgeous snake!!


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