Bandy-Bandy (Vermicella annulata)

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DESCRIPTION – Glossy scales with starkly contrasting black and white bands down the body (36-38 white rings). Usually reaches 70cm but up to 1m. 15 mid body scales, 216-220 ventral, 12-30 sub ventral, anal divided. Family: Elapidae.

DISTRIBUTION – Eastern Australia, from Cape York, QLD, throughout NSW, into northern Victoria, west to Port Augusta, SA. Forests, open woodland scrubland, into rocky areas in arid-zones

ECOLOGY – Nocturnal. Fossorial/terrestrial, feeds on blind snakes and elongate lizards. Create a staccato visual effect when moving, and holds unique alarm posture of raising the body in a loop (thus the alias “Hoop Snake”). Oviparous, lays 4-6 eggs.

VENOM – MILDLY VENOMOUS – Virtually harmless, will only bite if severely harassed, producing mild local pain and swelling.

Updated November 2019 from Eipper, S. & Eipper, T. (2019) A Naturalists Guide To The Snakes Of Australia. John Beaufoy Publishing.